Account networking structured resource collaboration

Take the core system to the next level by expanding it's participation base. One setting and your project can start building a networked descendant tree. A customizable UI for all levels of participation is provided, or you can roll your own using the API endpoints.

Structured networks

A definable layer of networking policies is the keystone of any project requiring entity collaboration. We've simplified the task of managing complex relationships across multiple projects. The ability to remain flexible while satisfying stringent objectives is built into the networking codebase.

  • Fully definable hierarchy

  • Vertical aggregations

  • Self-generating

  • Nimble

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Definable types

Program, UI and network logic

Categorize accounts to address program logic and define their position in the network hierarchy. Specify relationships each type may create and present an entire different UI based on those criteria. Account typing provides a layer for a developer to implement meaningful operational policies.

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Beyond typecasting

Special requirements? Grab an API key for the unique installation and define whatever parameters you need. The branched account keeps its relationship in the descendant tree and begins a new family. The new environment and UI gets shared with its descendants.

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