Advanced functionality for web applications.

a no-code, no-database plugin for
developers, frameworks and template designers
Intelligent Core

The AppSpice class wraps our RESTish API to interact with our servers, allowing us to provide intelligent results (caching, remote login, etc) otherwise unavailable through an API endpoint alone.

authentication users roles permissions caching ui alerts database
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Powerful Networking

The system was designed around the concept of networking accounts. It's a trivial task to define environments and incorporate members into the project tree. Branching is just as easy.

multi-level descendant accounts users affiliates ui branching type defined
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Instant Monetizing

If your project is revenue generating, provide multi-level, result-based gainsharing throughout the network. Payment distribution, auditing and electronic deposits included.

network-wide negotiated gainsharing daily transfers audits reports ui pci
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No-code and a self-driving database

Two lines of code will authenticate and initialize a user environment.

A few more lines can manage users, network accounts, process payments and use widgets.

Sorry, no backend experience required.

UI included

But not required.

The package comes with all the pre-built pages necessary for full functionality. Ready to use stand-alone or for incorporation into your existing framework.

Either way, you're good to go.

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