An API designed to delight developers.
A result-based architecture with no database requirements.

Core Functionality

  • Login, reminder and sign up service
  • Session management
  • Multiple users with different permissions
  • Role based access control
  • User interface assistance (alerts, tips, etc.)


Instantly accept credit card payments and more.

  • Network profit sharing
  • Affiliate compensations
  • Daily EFT bank deposits
  • No applications necessary


App usage through different environments (e.g., A testing service might have education and corporate interfaces).

  • Defined branches and leafs
  • Typified account control
  • Self-generating descendants
  • Self-negotiated revenue sharing
  • All accounts have core and monetized features

User Interface

What better way to explore the API than to start using it right away?

We've included a complete UI to get you started. Expand upon the pages provided, or extract the logic for use in your existing framework.