User interface

A network sharing a common installation and user interface.


Share a single user interface across an entire network, logically adjusted for different pre-defined account types and environment values.

Important concepts

The UI included is fully functional but not required. We use it for the AppSpice dashboard, and share it because it's a great way to quickly get started. Bootstrap 4 is currently used, but expansion into other frameworks is under development.

All AppSpice HTML files are located in the /appspice directory. These files point to each other and are a closed system until logic requires an exit from this arrangement. When necessary, the exit will always point to ../app/index.php or ../net/index.php respectively. Do not edit these files directly, as updates will overwrite changes.

The /app and /net directories are for your project files. Both directories contain an init.php for configuration and inclusion into your pages. Each have a required index.php for you to build upon.

The UI provided handles everything described in these docs.


Usage of the HTML user interface included in the project is not required. Use the files within the package as a reference for creating a custom version.