Quick start

Get a developer account

Create a developer account and log into the dashboard. (You only need one developer account.)

When you click the link above, you'll be using the actual files provided in the AppSpice package.

Create an application API account in your dashboard

Add a new app in your developer dashboard and get its API key for the download package.

You can create unlimited application accounts using your developer account.

Install the AppSpice files on your server

Download the current version of the class and html files and unzip them on your local and/or remote server.

The single AppSpice class is all that's needed, but there's a complete html user interface included for your use.

Enter your applications API key and get started

Enter your application API key in the app/init.php file and navigate to app/index.php.

The API server handles all database operations so there's no need to use your database for any AppSpice functionality.