Important concepts

There are two distinct modes of your project, each having its own access point (directory) and initialization method of the AppSpice class.

In /app mode, you define both the application and network in which it's used (if any). The /net mode is accessed by the networks self-generated accounts for their usage.

Defined hierarchy account types provide a mechanism for your code logic to react upon. Different aspects of your project can be presented based upon your typification schemes, all within the same user interface.

Your account is a 'developer' type of the defined AppSpice network. You create 'application' types (children of developer types) that get an API key.

Networks are monophyletic groups of accounts that are generally project-specific. Accounts are typified nodes in the network that can be created for anything.

Custom branches

Branch an account when it needs functionality that might over complicate your program logic; for example, a school district needs tests in a different language.

if($appSpice->env->account['type'] == 'specialSchoolDistrict')
    // ...

Branching is simply a logical concept used to simplify project versioning across a shared codebase.